Inner Super Power of Words

Season Two - Episode Two:
The Inner Super Power of Words

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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • Words are one of your greatest Inner Super Powers. 
  • Your Inner Bully uses the power of words to hold you back. 
  • How to use Word Filters to change your life experience.

Action Steps

GOAL: Use the Inner Super Power of your words to create the life experiences you desire.


Grab your journal and take a look at your list from last week. What fear are you looking to conquer? What negative thoughts or doubts came up for you during the free-flow writing exercises? For each negative statement you wrote down, create 3 different, empowering word filters.


  • Pay close attention to the words you’re using this week. Write down each disempowering statement you said, wrote/typed, or thought. This may be a disempowering statement directed at you or at someone else.  
  • Once you write down your statement, ask yourself, what am I really trying to achieve with this statement and come up with a new word filter that gets your genuine intentions across.


Review episode seven ofseason one (S1:E7)and create three to five powerful affirmations. Practice these affirmations following the guideline we provided. (links below)

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Book: Unleash Your Inner Super Powers (Now re-titled to: Jump Start Your Confidence)
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Season One: Episode 5 - How to Stay Calm and Present Even in Difficult Situations
Season One: Episode 7 - How to Disarm Your Inner Bully Secret Weapon
Free PDF: 7 Keys to Create Highly Powerful Affirmations 


Words of Wisdom for Teens Book Series:  These award-winning books help teens and young adults take control of their lives by taking control of their mind. 

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