The Inner Super Power of Gratitude

Season Two: Episode Nine:
The Inner Super Power of Gratitude 

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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • How gratitude helps refocus your mind on the positives 
  • Questions to ask to positively reframe your experiences, and why it's important 
  • How to start incorporating the practice of gratitude into your everyday life

Action Steps

GOAL: Use the Inner Super Power of Gratitude to reframe your experiences and bring you happiness


Develop an Attitude of Gratitude. Each morning, do a quick inventory of your life and write down two things you are grateful for.Write in your journal daily. Be consistent. Even on the worse day, spend a couple of minutes reflecting on your life and pick out two things you are grateful for.


Each night before you go to bed, spend a couple minutes and do a quick review of your day. Write down two things you are grateful for that happened that day. Remember to keep all of your grateful statements 100% positive to truly rewire your mind to focus on the good things.


Every 2-3 days, take a look at your gratitude journal and notice how many things are going well in your life. Reflect on how grateful you are to have all that you do have. When you’re feeling down on yourself and want to throw a pity party, or self-bash, grab your gratitude journal, and relive one of those “grateful” moments and give thanks for having had that experience.


You can also ask yourself, “who would be grateful to have my problem?” to put things in perspective for you and help you to regain your peace.

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