Want to Overcome Your Limitations? Jump!

Bonus Episode Four:
Want to Overcome Your Limitations? Jump! 

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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • How to connect more deeply in your conversations. 
  • Building confidence is a muscle that you need to develop. 
  • Why it's important to JUMP.

Wisdom from Dennis

  • In life, people will focus on your weaknesses sometimes, and you have to look past that. 
  • Your barriers can be fuel for your fire. 
  • Keep catapulting forward. 
  • Speaking clearly, saying less, understanding patience in what you speak really makes a difference. 
  • The earlier you can realize your self worth, the harder it will be for someone to knock you down. 
  • Say less, people will get more. 
  • Realize what you think is the only thing in the way of your confidence. 
  • Jump, go, and do what you have to do. 
  • Let it happen. If you screw up, you screw up. 
  • We see things on the outside and it seems perfect, but we don’t see their effort, pain, and disappointment they had to go through for them to get to where they are today. 
  • There is no top secret solution. Jump. Go. Fall on your face. Get up and do it again. 
  • Building confidence is a muscle. You have to practice building confidence.   
  • Stop focusing on the negatives. Stop focusing on the things you can’t do. 
  • Stop using weak, wobbly words.  Eliminate the maybe, kinda, sorta that bring the uncertainty in what your future path is. 
  • If you don’t give yourself a chance to do that thing you want, you cannot experience the failure or success of it. 
  • Give yourself a chance.

About Dennis

Dennis is the host of the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast & developer of one of the world’s first Podcast Marketing & Administration Platforms.  His life accomplishments include:   Icon podcaster with over 250 interviews with entrepreneurs and global thinkers from across the globe. Sponsored by major companies like Converse, Vans, Oakley and GT Bicycles.  Featured in a full length documentary “A Wicked Ride” as one of the top influencers in the sport of BMX Freestyle Featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine for my high-flying success as an athlete. Earned over $2 million as an Inspirational speaker Nominated as a “TOP 30” Funnel designer to feature my funnels in the world known Clickfunnels marketplace. 


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