Is the fear of failure, judgment, or rejection holding you back from creating the life you want and deserve?

Imagine being able to:

1. Have the courage to be your authentic self.

2. Go after what you want with clarity and confidence.

3. Know that you are worthy of love, happiness, and success.

4. Stay calm and in control even in chaotic situations.

5. Trust yourself and your decisions.

Discover how to start building your unshakable confidence and take the first step toward living the life you desire during the... 

FREE 5-Day Boot Camp: Conquer Your #1 Confidence Crusher. 
Discover how to reclaim your power with ease!

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Once you've complete the 5-day boot camp, you'll have the tools to:

1. Identify your #1 Confidence Crusher

2. Activate the “calm” button and stop your negative thoughts 

3. Release fear and insecurities so you can stop playing small

4. Tap into your strengths to build self-trust and self-confidence

Happy Clients

"I lost my work, my home, and had to deal with multiple toxic interactions with my ex life partner with whom we share a beautiful 3-year-old child.

Jacqui's tools helped me begin rebuilding the life I've always wanted for myself and my son."

~ Dessi  P.

"I walked away with amazing self-coping tools that truly works and most importantly, I can easily utilize whenever and wherever I may need it. 

I can truly say as I walk away from Jacqui’s workshop is that, my outlook in life has changed for the better."

~Sheila R.

Meet Your Host, Jacqui

Jacqui Letran is a Multi-Award-Winning Author, Mindset Mentor, Holistic Healer and Founder of Healing Life Story. Ten years ago, Jacqui left her private medical clinics to start a holistic mindset mentoring practice with the goal of helping others heal from the inside out.

Through her writing, workshops, and keynote engagements, Jacqui teaches that success and happiness are achievable, regardless of current struggles and circumstances. Jacqui is a gifted and energetic leader who dedicates her life's work to help her clients heal from their emotional trauma, find their voice, and create the confidence and internal peace needed to show up authentically and powerfully in their lives.  

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