Overcoming Your Obstacles with Kindness

Bonus Episode One:
Overcoming Your Obstacles with Kindness

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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • Why treating yourself with kindness really matters. 
  • How to change the relationship with your anxiety and with your Inner Bully. 
  • Powerful practices to overcome any challenge.

Wisdom from Darren:

  • We are our harshest bullies. 
  • We are not practicing enough kindness to ourselves. 
  • The longer you hold onto a problem, the heavier it feels. 
  • Choose to let it go. Put it down, and rest for a bit. It will become lighter when you pick it up again. 
  • Pain is different from suffering. 
  • Suffering is a choice made in response to pain. 
  • Being anxious is a human emotion. It’s perfectly fine to be anxious. 
  • It’s perfectly fine to judge things. But the moment you catch yourself doing that, just apply a little more kindness and gently bring it back to the object of your focus. 
  • Learn from wiser individuals around you. Learn as much as possible. Absorb as much as possible. 
  • Keep a “failure journal" or an "area of improvements journal." This helps you process what happened. This becomes the "story bank" of your experiences of failures and struggles to share with others in the future. 
  • Engage in a gratitude routine nightly. Spend 5 minutes for yourself and write down three things you’re grateful for that day. This shifts your focus to abundance, rather than lack. 
  • Small successes and small changes lead to big success. It’s better to have small victories to keep us motivated than to focus only on one big goal. 
  • We need to go through obstacles to see them as opportunities to stretch our mind and change the connection in the mind physically, so our mind will become stronger. 
  • Practice kindness to yourself. Spend time telling yourself it's ok not to feel ok.

Darren on Public Speaking:

  • A speech you deliver in a short time frame can impact and inspire the lives of many.  
  • Work on your craft; devote time to hone it.
  • Story telling connects you to others.
  • Be clear, concise and succinct.
  • Aim to hit one or more 4 key pillars in your speech: happiness, purpose, freedom, and prosperity.
  • Don’t give just huge story ideas, give your audience an actionable step.

About Darren

Darren Tay is the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking. He is a lawyer, entrepreneur and professional speaker who has spoken and trained over 250,000 individuals from more than 18 different countries. Darren is the bestselling author of Express to Impress and Managing Director of the Public Speaking Academy in Singapore.  

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Podcast: William Hung's How I Overcame My Very Public Failure (aka his very public failure on the American Idol audition) 
Videos: Darren's YouTube Page (Get more information on how to rehearse your speech, story telling techniques, how to craft powerful stories and mindfulness practices.)


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