Confidence Building Book for Teen Girls

Is your daughter struggling with her self-esteem or low self-confidence?

Do fearful thoughts or self-doubts prevent her from enjoying life?  

You’ve given her extra support. You're always quick to point out her wonderful qualities.  

But no matter what you do or say, your daughter just can’t seem to see the goodness in herself…    

What if there was a way to help her tap into her inner strength and resources?    

Working with thousands of clients over the past 20 years, I’ve learned that we all have incredible inner strengths I like to call inner superpowers.    

In this book, I share simple techniques to help your daughter tap into 7 of her inner superpowers and build a solid foundation of confidence and lasting self-esteem.    

This book will help your daughter: 

  • Tap into her power to eliminate fear and self-doubt 
  • Take control of her thoughts and feelings 
  • Feel comfortable in her own skin 
  • Create solutions and solve problems 
  • Develop a positive and resilient mindset 
  • Go after what she wants with clarity, courage and confidence.  
  • Create unshakable confidence and ever lasting self-esteem and much more!
Filled with real-life examples and step-by-step instructions, this book can help your daughter create a roadmap to achieve her goals with confidence. 

Your daughter deserves to feel good about herself.   This book can help.



Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal, Young-Adult Non-Fiction
Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Young Adult Social-Issues
TopShelf Magazine, First Place, "How-To, Non-Fiction
London Book Festival Winner, Best How-To Book
Readers Choice Award, 2nd place, Self-Help
Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist


The book is empowering and is a must-read for all those who are looking to effect transformations and make positive changes in their lives.
Readers Favorite Gold Medal for Young Adult Social-Issues
By applying the principles in her book, teens can quite literally change their lives. Highly recommended for home and school libraries.
Literary Classics' Gold Medal for Young-Adult, Self-Esteem
This is a great resource for anyone, teenager or adult, who is looking for some basic advice on how to begin building self-confidence.
Authors Talk About it

As an adolescent therapist, I found the book very helpful for teens. Teens who want to learn actionable strategies for turning around negative thinking and creating new habits will love this book!
Kim Lange, Adolescent Psychotherapist
This is an excellent and insightful manual for helping teens and adults approach their anxiety and self-doubt with renewed determination and a toolkit full of relatable and understandable exercises
Rebecca Demarest, San Francisco Book Review
This book is actually ground-level material about how anyone can improve their perspective, their state of mind and their potential for success.

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