Manage Your Mood

Is your daughter struggling with feelings such as hurt, anger, or frustration?

Maybe she's dealing with blame, shame, or guilt?    

Or perhaps she’s constantly replaying arguments and let-downs in her mind and feeling even worse about the situation or about herself?  

These feelings can be intense and can seem difficult to manage.

Unresolved, they may lead to anxiety, depression, and a poor quality of life.    

What if there's a way to stop these feelings from spiraling out of control?    

Combining 20-years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner and Teen Confidence Expert, I created a simple 5-step program to help your daughter take control of her thoughts and feelings.    

This book will help your daughter:

  • Understand her feelings 
  • Move past disappointments 
  • Release unwanted emotions 
  • Work through challenges 
  • Create a positive mindset Improve her relationships, and much more! 
Your daughter doesn’t have to be a prisoner of her feelings anymore. 

Once she learns these simple steps, she can start taking charge of her emotions.    

You can finally relax and watch as your daughter's self-confidence rises, and her self-esteem improves.    

Your daughter deserves to be happy and successful.  This book can help.    

*****Be sure to check out the companion journal to help your daughter master her mood even faster.*****



Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Young Adult Social-Issues
Literary Classics' Gold Medal Award Winner for Young Adult Non-Fiction Book
Top Shelf Indie Book Award, 1st Place, Non-Fiction, Self-Help  
Top Shelf Indie Book Award, 1st Place, Non-Fiction, Young-Adult


"This is an exceptional self-help book. Valuable insight and unique perspectives allow readers to approach their concerns from a profound new angle in an effort to resolve issues and pave the way for a happier and more fulfilling life."
2017 Literary Classics' Gold Medal Winner for Young Adult Self-Help
"The author did an outstanding job of creating a safe place for teens to get in touch with and process their emotions in a positive environment. I would suggest this book for teens, their parents, or anyone that is tired of their negative emotions running their lives." 
2017 Readers Favorite Silver Medal for Young Adult Social-Issues
"Even if one lacked the discipline to do everything suggested in this book, and only adopted some of its wisdom, it would be impossible not to feel better about oneself, about life and about the prospects of an even brighter future. "
International Writers Inspiring Change
"This is a short and quick self-help book, but lives up to its genre and gives the reader the tools they need to help themselves - and it certainly pays off."
Authors Talk About It
"A must read that will assist you in resolving conflict (with yourself and others), understand feelings, and learn how to let go of that which isn't serving you. YOU do have the power to be happy."
Dr. Tiffanie Noonan, Pediatrician, Author, Parent educator and Coach at EPIC Parenting
"I am not a fan of "self-help" books, but Jacqui's are the exception. They are not long, but they are powerful if you choose to put her message to work in your life. "
Connie Huddleston, Multi-Award Winning Author

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