If you're ready to heal from your emotional trauma, find your voice, and create a strong sense of inner peace and confidence needed to show up authentically and powerfully in your life, I can help.

Hi, I'm Jacqui

Ten years ago, I left my private medical clinics to start a holistic practice with the goal of helping others heal from the inside out.

I believe you can achieve success and happiness, regardless of your current struggles and circumstances. 

Stop the Bully Within Podcast

Are you tired of the voice inside your head telling you that you’re different, not as good as others, or that you shouldn’t take a risk and go after what you really want? Is your inner voice constantly reminding you of mistakes you've made, or how others have hurt you?

That voice is the voice of your Inner Bully, and it’s destroying your self-esteem and self-confidence. Even worse, it’s holding you back from achieving the success and happiness you deserve.

In the Stop the Bully Within podcast, I will share tools and techniques you can use right away to transform your Inner Bully into your Best Friend and Personal Champion for success!


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