Are Your Fears and Self-Doubts Holding You Back?

Season Two: Episode One:
Are Your Fears and Self-Doubts Holding You Back? 

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In This Episode, You'll Discover:

  • The role your conscious and subconscious mind play in creating your reality. 
  • Your Inner Bully uses fear and self-doubts to keep you playing safe. 
  • Confidence is a learned skill that you can master with practice.

Action Steps

GOAL: Identify your fear and self-doubts AND decide on one fear you want to conquer during season 2.


Make a commitment to yourself that you'll do what it takes to overcome your fear and self-doubt. Write your commitment down, date it, and sign it.


  • 5-minute free flow writing exercise to identify your fear. 
  • Start each sentence with the words, “I’m afraid of….” And see what comes up within a few seconds to finish that sentence. If nothing comes up within 2-3 seconds, go to the next line, and start again with, “I’m afraid of….” maybe this time “spiders” comes up. 
  • Finish the sentence with “spiders,” then go to the next line and start over with, “I’m afraid of…” Keep doing this for the full five minutes. 
  • Decide on one fear you want to overcome during the next 9 weeks.


Spend the next 5 minutes writing about what’s been blocking you from overcoming the fear you identified above. Write down your experiences with this fear. Write down things you’ve tried in the past to overcome this fear that didn’t work. Write down the stories you’ve been telling yourself and stories others have been telling you.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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Book: I would, but my DAMN MIND won't let me!
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